About DoodleJam



About DoodleJam & Community Fundraising

For nearly a decade, DoodleJam has specialised in meaningful and memorable community fundraising events and workshops using doodles; a drawing, symbol or image representing goals, ambitions, thoughts, memories and emotions. Each session theme is inspirational and topical, maximising participant engagement and motivation, and all within a fun atmosphere to enhance group interaction (a group Jam) and enjoyment. The result is a vibrant group painting (a DoodleJam) and an event that sparks meaningful conversation and produces memorable outcomes. Through observation and feedback gained over dozens of DoodleJam events and with recent innovations in technology we have been able to refine and modify our model to extend the value and impact of the programmes even further to create DoodleJam Community Crowdfunding.

We link all the benefits of our previous community fundraising events and workshops with a unique Crowdfunding process. The crowdfunding process sparks innovation, inspires creativity and fosters community purpose and engagement and provides an opportunity for supporters, donors and sponsors to be directly involved in the community fundraising campaign.

DoodleJam clients range from large corporations such as Apple, Boeing and Novartis, through to Government Departments and medium sized organisations. We have worked with community and Not-For-Profit organisations including Anglicare, I.F.Y.S. and United Synergies.

Management Team

The DoodleJam Founder, Paul Francis, spent the first 23 years of his working life employed by the British Foreign Office as an IT and Communications Engineer. He travelled the world extensively, experiencing many diverse cultures and life in the Diplomatic Service. He was posted to the British Consulate-General in Hong Kong and the British High Commission in Canberra. During his travels Paul discovered that ‘doodling’ was a universal phenomenon and that people use doodles to ‘simplify the complex’ and to ‘clarify the mis-understood’. He continues to work in the areas of community fundraising, team building, event management, business development and technology.

His business partner Ian Mulville is an executive-level HR professional, with a Masters in HR Management and a varied international career encompassing Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Ian has a wealth of corporate experience working with companies such as Samsung, Wyeth Pharma, Occidental and UMW in sectors as diverse as defence, oil and gas, mining, pharma, retail and shipbuilding.  He has extensive management and leadership development, event management and team-building experience.

Our Mission:

To enable Communities to unleash the creative power of their Crowd in a refreshing fundraising event that engages donors, sponsors and supporters in a crowdfunding campaign that maximises fundraising potential.

Our Vision

To become the leading platform for ‘Creative Community Crowdfunding’, thereby benefiting corporates, fundraising organisations and the communities in which they serve.

Our Values

Creativity | Community | Engagement | Win-Win


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